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Aesthetic Comforts

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The intricate design will add a touch of elegance and fun to your table setting or occasion

Exquisite workmanship, eco-friendly

Made from premium quality glass, these glasses are durable and resistant to wear, cracks or chips.

The ergonomically designed stem and base ensure a comfortable grip

Why stop with wine? You can also enjoy your favour beverage whether indulging in a cocktail or enjoying a refreshing mocktail, these glasses are designed to accommodate a wide range of beverages or sweet treats.

The perfect gift idea; you can present these exquisite glasses as a thoughtful gift for wine enthusiasts, cocktail aficionados, or anyone who appreciates artistic glassware.

Their unique design makes them a conversation starter at any event.
Material: eco-friendly, high-quality borosilicate glass
Capacity: 51-100ml
Product name: Glass storage tray
Material: glass
Size: see photo in product options
Colours: yellow, blue, pink, brown
Package Included: 1x tray
Certification: CE / EU
Quantity: 2pcs
Brand: Elegant Poetry

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