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A unique collection of desk lamps, featuring a mix of materials and styles, each lamp in this collection is a unique work of art, designed to illustrate the art and beauty of your living spaces.Discover sleek, minimalist table lamps made from metal, resin, glass, or ceramic. These modern designs blends seamlessly with contemporary decor, adding sophistication to any room. There are lamps with rustic charms, artistic, hand painted, industrial-style, boho, classic, nautical; you get the idea! 


Questions and Answers


What is the right size lamp for a bedside table?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right size lamp for a bedside table:

Ideally, the lamp should be roughly the same height (or 2-3 inches taller) as your nightstand. If your nightstand is 24 inches tall, a lamp around 27 inches would work well.

If you often read in bed, you'll want the lampshade to be around chin level when you're sitting up. This provides good task lighting for reading.

In terms of width, the lamp base should be roughly one third the width of the nightstand at its widest point. This creates a visually balanced look.

Bigger rooms can handle larger lamps. But keep in mind, the lamp shouldn't overpower the nightstand.

A wider lampshade can spread light more evenly, while a narrower one creates a more focused beam.