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Aesthetic Comforts

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Science meets contemporary design, this product generates an electromagnetic field between its base and bulb to levitate and spin with elegance and grace. Wireless induction technology allows the LED bulb to glow with a warm, soothing light.

Touch control
360 degrees rotation
Overheat protection
The base controls the bulb light
Suspension distance: 15mm
Base size: 10.8*3CM
Moon size: 8.5cm
Lighting: Warm white light tri-color switching
Switch: Touch switch
Power 12V 1A

How to us
1. Place the lamp and base on a flat non-metallic surface. Connect the power adapter.
2. Hold the moon lamp with both hands, hold the bulb in the centre of the base, keeping it horizontal slowly moving from top to bottom until you feel the upward magnetic forces supporting the weight of the bulb. If it doesn't happen with your first go try again
3. When you feel the magnetic force supporting the weight of the bulb, gently let go keeping it cantered and level. If it falls, simply lift the bulb and try it again.
4. Tap the power on. then use your remote to choose your color.

Warm Tips:
1. This product only works plugged in. Keep it away from any metal
2. Don't just unplug the power adapter without removing the bulb
3. Keep the lamp at least 20cm away from electronic products or magnetic products.


1 * Base
1 * Bulb Lamp
1 * Adapter
1 * User Manual

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