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WbAC Ceiling Lights and Home Decor

Normaalihinta £358.88
Normaalihinta Alennushinta £358.88
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Lampshade Style

A luxurious statement ceiling light, this celestial masterpiece features a mesmerising cascade of hand blown glass beads that shimmer and sparkle like moonlight, creating a truly unforgettable focal point in any room. Imagine the light catching on the individual beads, filling your space with a symphony of sparkling light.

Sure to impress your guests, it is perfect for creating a glamorous mood in dining rooms, living rooms or entryways.

Beautiful and functional, the multiple tiers of beads cast a soft, diffused light that is flattering and inviting. 

This high quality chandelier features a durable metal and glass construction with a warm 3000K light. It is easy to the shade direction is versatile, allowing for both upward and downward lighting.

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