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Sculpt your muscles with this Ab Wheel Roller for core workout. With a comfortable foam grip with thick and large elbow pads, the automatic rebound abdominal wheel will provide an intense full-body workout.

Real-time intelligence counting for efficient exercising
Abdominal wheel roller
Use: Home Exercise
Suitable for back, arm, shoulder and thigh muscles training
Has a space for your phone so you can follow your exercise guide
Function: Abdominal Core Muscles
EVA kneeling board, ergonomic, large-sized and anti-slip
Flexible wheels with soft sponge cover and hand rack, comfortable to use
Different training levels for your choice to achieve the maximum body fitness
Durable material and lightweight and portable to carry
Dual wheels for stability and non-slip handles for comfort
Designed to work and build the abdominal muscles
Type: Double-Wheeled
Model Number: AB Roller
Application: Breaststroke Abdomen Trainer
Material: PP, iron, rubber, TPR, ABS, steel, foam
Product size: 31*46cm
Box size: 26*17*36.5cm
N.W.G.W: 2.1/2.2KG
Max load: 120KG
Age group: adult
Gender: unisex
Color: orange
Brand: Redactive
Identifier exists: invalid

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