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WestBrook Ave Aesthetics Comforts

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How do you create intimacy and desire in your relationship?

Use this romantic activities couple things to do date night ideas book to be spontaneous and reignite the spark in your relationship by building emotional intimacy. Scratch weekly or bi-weekly to plan exciting activities for you and your partner. This book will help couples maintain the four types of intimacy which are essential for a lasting relationship.

Even if you’ve been together for a long time, you should never stop dating each other. Dating should go beyond visiting the same familiar places. Maintaining creativity in a relationship is maintaining desire.

These activities will build intimacy and desire and maintain strong bonds for long-lasting relationships.

Connection in a relationship requires four types of intimacy. The four types of intimacy are:

· Physical intimacy-time spent, shared activities such as hugging, kissing, massage, sexual touch, cuddling and proximity. Many studies have shown the power of touch to boost people's mood and sense of connection.

· Emotional intimacy -sharing your deepest self, caring, affirming.

· Mental intimacy-same values and interests, meaningful conversations.

· Spiritual intimacy - nurtures each other’s inner peace, respect for each other’s beliefs, and shared purpose.

Couples' intimacy is extremely essential for the longevity of a relationship and for building better bonds. Intimacy in relationships is how couples stay connected and is the one way couples remain attached and committed. These cards will help you build better intimacy and make memories that will last a lifetime.

You can also purchase the activities card book to capture photos and memories.
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